Pulse tutors are viewed as mentors for our learners and often play a fundamental role in developing academic confidence.

Students find themselves overwhelmed with the adjustment to university courses in terms of:

  • Work load.
  • Study techniques.
  • Time management.
  • Writing and referencing advice.
  • Exam execution.

We have developed a mentorship technique that will be implemented by all of our tutors and integrated into the lessons.


Academic Socialisation

Whether students have just arrived at the university scene or have been around for a while, many learners struggle with classroom networking.

Student Networking:

  • Links many students who are studying the same courses to interact over coursework.
  • Causes students to join forces to draw on each other’s strengths.
  • Encourages students to work as a team and learn from other students.
  • Prepares students for interaction in the work place.

We hold group study sessions supervised by a tutor to facilitate discussions and problems. Students may benefit from each other in an interactive environment.

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